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#01Cambridge provides total support for call center integration to create the best CRM in Japan.

Ricoh positioned call centers as the most important customer contact point for creating the best CRM in Japan, and started a call center integration project. Cambridge supported all areas of the project, from concept development to completion, leading to a successful integration.

#02Realizing Japan's No. 1 CRM with One RICOH

Ricoh prioritizes “value creation” from the customer's perspective. It is developing a number of products and services centered on imaging equipment. It provides a wide range of products and services: copiers, multifunction devices, personal products such as digital cameras, software products such as the document management system “Ridoc Document System”, various Internet-related services from its One to One portal “NetRICOH” for business, and services such as system maintenance and total support for customers' offices.

Ricoh aims to increase customer value and realize Japan's best CRM by providing these diverse products and services through the optimal combination, timing, and channel. To this end, the realization of One RICOH – which connects various customer contacts such as inquiry response, repair orders, and consumable orders – is considered indispensable.

#03Integrating IT, locations, and organizations simultaneously

For call centers handling inquiries as customer contact points, a seamless connection without separate customer contact points for different products and services will contribute to the realization of One RICOH, an increase in customer value, and the realization of the best CRM in Japan.

To this end, Ricoh started a call center integration project with the vision of “contributing to increased customer value”. This is a very challenging task, integrating the IT, locations, and organizations of 13 independent call centers for products and services.

Ricoh achieved this integration in a short period of one and a half years. It formed a common IT infrastructure, a comfortable location providing employee satisfaction, and an integrated organization to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. A system was established to achieve these seemingly conflicting propositions at the same time.

#04Cambridge’s role

Ricoh selected Cambridge as their business partner out of several consulting firms. This was largely due to Cambridge's wealth of knowledge and expertise in the CRM domain and the reliability of its extensive call center development experience.

It was not only due to Cambridge’s system development skills; its expertise in integrating multiple call centers and managing large-scale call centers, and its original project management methods were essential to a successful integration. These skills were used in all areas of the project and greatly contributed to a successful integration.

“Cambridge contributed in all areas of our call center integration project. This project had many stakeholders due to the nature of its integration theme, and the system development had a multi-vendor architecture. Hence, lateral integration across the process was a critical role that Cambridge had; Cambridge performed its job well and led the project to success." (Hiroshi Hosoda, Ricoh Co., Ltd. Call Center Integration PT Leader)

In June 2004, the call center integration project was completed, and a new integrated call center was started.

* This information is current as of June 2004.