StrengthsWhat sets Cambridge apart

Our goal is to enable our clients to lead their own transformation projects without relying on consultants. To that end, we genuinely focus on what is best for our clients; we openly share our methodology, strive towards the same goal, and get our hands dirty with our clients.

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Our goal is to enable our clients to lead their own transformation projects without relying on consultants. To that end, we genuinely focus on what is best for our clients; we openly share our methodology, strive towards the same goal, and get our hands dirty with our clients.

01Facilitative Consulting

Bringing out our clients’ transformation mindset

A transformation project with the mentality of “The consultant will do it for me” will never succeed. Success only comes once clients develop a transformation mindset of “Let's change”. The clients must take ownership and embrace the idea of “our own transformation” and make serious efforts towards achieving the goal. However, transformation projects are difficult to complete without help. Cambridge has a methodology to draw out our clients’ desire to undergo transformation and to lead their efforts towards success.

Deciding on a realistic and acceptable goal

A well-defined goal at the beginning is extremely important in a transformation project. However, getting members with different backgrounds, departments, and perspectives to agree on a goal is no simple task. Cambridge's facilitative approach creates an environment where all members can openly share their opinions and engage in meaningful discussions, which enables them to identify and agree on a realistic goal.

Overcoming the barrier between teams and departments

“We attempted to transform our company, but we failed because we could not overcome the silos between our teams and departments.” At Cambridge, we often hear experiences like these. There are countless barriers to transformation, such as issues cutting across multiple departments and resistance arising from conflicts of interest between teams; however, measures for confronting and overcoming them are built into Cambridge's consulting process.

02The next transformation without Cambridge

All our expertise is shared

For our client to develop an “our own transformation” mindset, it is not enough for Cambridge alone to possess the expertise to lead projects to success. Cambridge's expertise will be openly shared so our clients can take on leadership roles themselves and involve all stakeholders.

Cambridge and clients band together

Cambridge's project expertise is not theoretical knowledge but practical skills that can be applied to the day-to-day operations of a project. Cambridge not only passes on knowledge but also demonstrate and apply our expertise. By getting our clients deeply involved, we work on the project as one team, which allows us to succeed.

When Cambridge is gone, you can do it yourself

That's why — after learning the skills from Cambridge, tackling the project together, and succeeding — clients will not need to rely on Cambridge when a new project arises in the future. The clients will be able to effectively lead projects from start to finish and succeed. For Cambridge, that is an ideal outcome. Even if we are not directly involved, we want to see projects succeed and transformation continue on. That is our wish.

03Have Fun!

Have Fun! is a sense of unity, contribution, speed, achievement, and growth

"Have Fun!" is one of Cambridge's codes of conduct. Projects are fun when we achieve small success as a team, or when our clients and ourselves change and grow. When the fun is shared with the wider team, we will achieve even better results and the project will take a step closer to success. This is the essence of Have Fun! If you can feel a sense of unity, contribution, speed, achievement, or growth, it means you are having fun!

Experiencing Have Fun! breaks down barriers

For the entire team to possess a transformation mindset and move toward a single goal, everyone involved must see beyond their own perspective and positions and become One Team. Cambridge believes that Have Fun! is the key to overcoming these barriers. Instead of only working inside the silos, there will be a greater sense of accomplishment if all team members agree on a direction and tackle the challenges together. This is what Have Fun! feels like. By experiencing Have Fun!, everyone will want to go beyond their own perspectives and positions. It is no exaggeration to say that Cambridge’s facilitation exists for this purpose.

Success and growth are achieved because barriers are overcome

When all team members overcome the barriers of their own perspectives and positions, it creates high-quality communication within the team that is conducive to moving towards “our own transformation”. The most junior member facilitates a meeting and disagrees with the CEO, while a senior member who had a resistant attitude turned into the most reliable and knowledgeable person about the project. Chemical reactions that did not exist before start appearing within the company. It is through these chemical reactions that the entire team achieves success in transformation and all members will achieve individual growth.

04Loose Connections

Loose connections support transformations

Transformation cannot be achieved with one super human. That is why professionals with diverse background and positions form a team. In addition to having strong connections with our employees and current clients, we treasure loose connections with our past clients, former Cambridge employees, and various partner companies, because we understand the importance of teamwork. We can always consult each other when we encounter challenges and can create something new when we come together. That is the kind of relationship we are aiming for.