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Six Core Values

Take Initiative
We do not simply wait for orders from the top and execute them. We aim to be an organization where each person envisions what he/she wants and should do, gather supporters, and take on challenges while accepting the risks. To this end, we always seek and support leadership from each member.
In order to successfully carry out a large undertaking, everyone must do their part. They must find value in each task, take it upon themselves, work diligently, and fulfill their commitment. Achievement and growth are only possible through dedication from everyone.
Our work is full of uncertainty. Whether it is a rapidly changing business environment, a new technology, or people we work with for the first time, it is necessary to have the curiosity to learn new things, the ability to form a team with people with different values, a mindset to think from scratch, and a mentality to get things done with existing resources.
Respect means “respect your peers”, not “be respected”. Even if you feel that a colleague or client has no skill or knowledge, it is only one aspect of that person. Everyone has individual characteristics which ought to be respected and leveraging these individualities and have them shine through will lead to success. For a team to be synergistic, the members need to respect each other.
Honesty is not just about working diligently. We must be honest with our projects, our clients, and our colleagues. If something is not right, don’t hesitate to say it. Give honest feedback in hopes of their growth. Be open about difficulties and ask for help. Not hiding problems and acting on one’s conscience to help produce results is true honesty.
Because we take on challenging endeavors full of uncertainties, reliability and trustworthiness serve as an important foundation. If you maintain a confident attitude, take responsibility, and persevere to the end, you will build a strong relationship of trust with the people around you.

Code of Conduct:FROGBB

Speed is always valuable. But cutting corners only means getting lost, not getting faster. In order to achieve both speed and results, we facilitate discussions, create consensus to prevent backtracking, and implement quickly. This is the fastest way to achieve results in a transformation project.
We only do what we can confidently say is best for the client. We take pride in our efforts to genuinely pursue not what is best for us but what is best for our clients, and to make recommendations and to implement them together. Our mission is to maintain an environment where we can pursue what is right; our profits and reputation follow.
Our ultimate goal is for our clients to gain the ability to drive their own transformation projects without relying on consultants. We proactively share our methodology through training and literature, and provide support to ensure clients can utilize them. Then, as our methodology is applied to more diverse situations, we can further refine it and enhance its value.
We insist on completing transformation projects within the deadline and budget to deliver results even more than our clients. This is because our service is to provide “results”, not “consultation time”. Hence, we always plan in reverse from the goal, involve our clients, and get our hands dirty without hesitation.
We support our clients’ businesses, not their hobbies. That is why we only propose transformations that are truly cost-effective and greatly increase our clients’ corporate values.
We focus on actions. A proper and honest behavior is the foundation of all work. We can make an impact on our clients only through our actions, not through empty theories.
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