画像:Announcing the launch of our new company

Announcing the launch of our new company

Cambridge Technology Partners Inc. (Cambridge) is happy to announce the launch of our new company in the US.

Originally founded in Cambridge, MA in 1991, Cambridge reached its peak revenue of $628M with more than 4,000 global employees in 1999.

Times have changed, and Cambridge Japan is now the only bearer of the once global brand. It was always a dream for Cambridge Japan to enter the US market and reintroduce the Cambridge Technology Partners brand back to the motherland.

As our first step, we officially incorporated in the state of Delaware on November 1st 2019, and are happy to announce the launch of our US business.

We are planning to open our US headquarter in Torrance, CA in December this year.

Over the years, our consulting services have gained a large fanbase in Japan. We are excited to import the same methodology and client-focused approach to the US market.

Contact info:
Name: Ron Kato
Address: 21081 S. Western Ave. Suite 180, Torrance, CA